Know Your Customer App
An App for Customer Reviews

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MVP: UI/UX Design & App Devlopment


Know Your Customer, Australia


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React, Node, Flutter
A collaborative review Woman smiling platform open to every service/goods provider across numerous professions that informs, warns and savesemotetime interacting with 'dodgy' clients.
 KYC App showing user's rating and reviews
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The Concept

As “customers,” we generally provide feedback or reviews to the services, places, or goods we buy because we believe that sharing our valuable experience with others will help them choose a better option when needed.

Vice versa, our Client wanted to come up with a platform where he can help all service providers to know about their customers before working or collaborating with them!

It’s for every Service providers

  • Contractors and Subcontractors within the construction industry (Plumbers, Electricians, Tilers, Carpenters, Brick Layers, or any other construction-orientated installation service, etc.)
  • Small to medium suppliers of materials (Catering companies, Wedding Management, Performers, Food wholesalers, etc.)
  • Suppliers of medical goods and services (Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Beauty Therapist, Remedial massage, surgeons)
  • Home maintenance service suppliers
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Major Frustrations of
Service Providers

Not getting the payment on time or at all.

Not keeping to agreed appointments or correspondence.

Overall negative interaction attitude/demeanour.

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Receiving False claims of a damaged property while supplying goods and services.

Lack of communication – clear articulation/description of the scope of supply.

Solutions provided
for every Service Provider

Know Your Customer App open on the Phone, different service vendors in the frame.

By keeping business goals & User’s frustration in mind, we provided all the basic as well as advance features in the app which could help users before even they start working with new customers.


Brand Identity

After doing lots of ideation, we came up with this concept where we combined a star, which stands for “Review,” & other alphabets from the name “Know Your Customer.”

Know Your Customer App star based logo
 Know Your Customer Logo
A lady vendor holding a phone, showing Know Your Customer App open on screen

Style Guide



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Iconography used in the app


UI Screens

Home Screens

When users start writing about their existing & upcoming customers, then & then only others will be able to get reviews; that is how this app's purpose will be achieved.

KYC App prompting user to give the review of vendor

In this screen, we majorly focused on the “Write a Review” CTA. The intention was to push users to write reviews about their past good/bad experiences.

The navigation bar along with the Home screen covering:-

  • -   Previous listing Screen
  • -  Prioritization Que
  • -   Favourite listing Screen

KYC app screen showing previous ratings and reviews of a vendor

Previous listing Screen

Here one can get all the previous listings they have ever added.

KYC app screen showing Prioritization Que screen of a vendor

Prioritization Que

This feature reduces the user’s customer searching time by listing out all the customers they are connecting with through calls or any medium via phone. In that case, the app will show that particular customer’s rating on a popup (if that customer has been previously rated).

KYC app screen showing favourite listing screen of a vendor

Favourite listing Screen

One can save customers on this list with whom they want to work in future also.

We made it so simple.

Providing feedback gets tedious if we get a lengthy form to fill. As we had a few points already listed which anyone would want to know about Clients, we provided it in check box format along with the basic minimum profile information.

In case someone needs to add extra information (which adds more clarity about the client to others), they would be able to write a description box along with giving rating stars.

More Screens

Many user interface screenshots of KYC app, including Thank you page, Sign up page, Login page, 2 factor authentication, Edit profile page.