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Social Networking App through NFC technology


About this project

The dream of 2 young entrepreneurs was to connect people using Social networking app through advanced NFC technology. It was founded based on three simple terms, QUICK - EASY - USER FRIENDLY. How about having a simple app that will allow users to connect personally and professionally with a single tap.

The app allows users to securely create and store their social and business profiles on a server, and with a single NFC tap, you can view and connect with them. Started as an MVP to test the idea, it is gaining massive traction across the UK, including Universities, bars, restaurants and many more public places.

Tap to Connect

Just tap on the NFC tag and connect with them on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and many more.

Grow your Network

The cheapest way to grow your network with like-minded people controlling who can find you easily directly on all your networks.




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Challenges we figured out

The biggest challenge the client faced was finding a reliable technology partner. They felt stuck with an organization that could not understand their project needs or deliver quality work. They were looking for a team who could understand their needs, fix the broken code, and develop the new features and PWA to launch on a predefined event date.

As an experienced team, ultroNeous took all the time required to understand the project flow, develop features, and upgrade the code standards. Getting their needs on paper was the most crucial step towards launching something extraordinary.

1A Scalable backend

Creating a clean database structure is required to meet the application's current and future needs. And a back end to take care of scalability.

2A Stable App

Several requirements included improving code quality, fixing broken features, and developing the remaining significant features around NFC and Networking.

3A Brand new PWA

The requirement was to develop a PWA concept that allows people to connect with app users with a single tap without the need to sign up.

4A Timely Delivery

Timely delivery with the proper Quality check is required to launch the product during an agreed launch event.



Lady using NFC Tap-n-connect Social Networking App
Understanding requirements

Requirement Understanding

It was essential to understand the project concept and the client's long-term vision in detail. We got a detailed idea about the project features and technical challenges and understood the overall project flow, feature set, and the issues the client was facing.



The biggest challenge was clearing the app code mess upon understanding the project requirement. We created the back end from scratch aligned with PWA, fixed the broken features in the app, and built the core features again to make a stable app live.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Upon completing the development, including the code quality fixes, the newly built backend, and PWA, the complete mobile app went through serious QA, which included the physical NFC tags and band testing. It ensured the system would not suffer crashes or feature failures.

On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

Once we took over the project, it was taken care of with the utmost sincerity. The product was launched on a date we committed to the client. It was rolled out on a large scale and received much positive user feedback. All the late-night work and dedication finally paid off.





Deliverables we built

plusDatabase Creation

plusAPI and Backend Development

plusMobile Application






Solution on table

A Reliable Partner

When two young entrepreneurs thought of an idea that can change the definition of people networking, they also required a fantastic team to convert that idea into a reality. After going through many ups and downs with the first vendor, Robert and Panashe finally found ultroNeous to take care of their multimillionaire idea. We became their technology partner, working on multiple releases to launch their features to test the market in a flexible with their working manner to support these two brilliant minds.

An Awesome Product.

When the idea turned into reality, the product went for testing with a large scale of people. The product idea, as well as the product, stood out proudly in the middle of a colossal product crowd. The app concept, the detailing of the flow, the ever-working features and great marketing took it to the next step. This is a stage where founders could sit with the investors and showcase this beauty to them with a proper working mode. They were getting the approvals and benefits, making the app a million-user product soon.

A Growing User base.

When you have a beautiful product with features working as expected, you can be confident to market it everywhere. Whether an Apple store, a University, a Cafe, a Pub or a Restaurant, this app always draws attention and gains praise. With each passing day, it gains new users. The users who purchase the tags and bands, the users who feel safe sharing their data on the app and users who are growing their network rapidly with this one-tap solution.

An Ongoing Feature Releases.

The product and the idea have had such a massive success that the client has already listed out multiple release plans with an exciting set of features in the roadmap. We release a new version each quarter which expands the reach of the product to the new verticals and user base. The product is getting bigger daily and will compete with the best soon.





Linxngo Team

Linx&Go Limited

Their patience and listening skills are impressive. There have been delays and issues from our side, which they have helped with, been patient with, and made us feel very safe to do our business only with them. The deliverables have been spot on; they have delivered on time and exactly how we asked; if anything, they have gone above and beyond.