How Streaming Apps are built? Features, Tech Stacks used in detail

July 13, 2022

Have you ever think of the applications you use in your daily life? Well the apps you use are built by developers; this article will give you clear information about how the streaming apps are being built.


Viewing habits have changed over time, and technologies have made people shift from radio, Television to different OTT platforms. We all can see the massive advancement of Video Streaming Apps. According to a report from Statista, There were 3.28 billion OTT video users worldwide in February 2022, with soaring penetration rates in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Many users pay for more than one service at a time, like Netflix users who also subscribe to Amazon Prime or Hulu. The surge in viewers prompted traditional TV service providers to shift into the digital space by collaborating with video streaming platforms.

So, are you intrigued by the numbers and impact? Then read on to discover all about what goes into developing a Video Streaming App.

Types of Video Streaming Apps

We’ll go into how streaming apps get developed, but first, let’s see how many types of Streaming Apps there are.

  • On-demand Video Streaming Platforms that Provide Original Content.

These reside in practically every household these days. Some of the roaring names include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney plus, and Apple TV. Not only do they provide access by subscription to different movies and series, but also the original content produced by them.

  • Video Streaming Apps from TV Networks

HBO and Comedy Central, for example, offer apps that deliver only their own content. On the other hand, Youtube TV takes another approach and provides on-demand video streaming services from various TV channels.

  • ESports Streaming Platform

ESports streaming service where gamers upload gaming content. Chat rooms and live scores are also available in some of these apps.

As the trend and competition are gaining steam, apps like these are accumulating more subscriptions, and time spent on the app is also increasing. In the current environment, building a streaming app appears to be a smart move for businesses, but there are factors to bear in mind, and we will get into detail about each one.

What is Involved in Building a Streaming App:

You might think that you are not bringing anything fresh to the table, as many platforms are delivering the same service with various features. But let us break this bubble. With a Reliable web and mobile app development company, Your app project may follow a defined wireframe, but you can address users’ concerns with some market research. Based on that, you can decide on what unique attributes your platform will offer. 

Now let’s look at some of the Essential Features:

  1. Getting Started

Onboarding is the first step for your user. It doesn’t sound overwhelming, but by keeping it effortless, fast, and reflexive, the sign-in process can win users’ hearts quickly. Additionally, using the social media profile to register can make the process seamless.

  1. Search and Discover

Including a search box is vital. By keeping it on the first screen, users can search for any specific thing they might want to watch. Discover features are crucial as they give users a chance to explore various categories.

  1. Watch list

You can provide recommendations based on your users’ watching history and make them create a bucket list of what they might want to watch later. And feeding a list of similar movies or series based on what they watch regularly will help to build up a lasting impression.

  1. Video library

You may have witnessed this feature on popular platforms like Youtube, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. It is crucial to give your customers ready access to the video library, as it is a seamless way to give users a chance to look into what is available.

  1. Review and Ratings

The Review and Rating feature can give your users a chance to express themselves about the broadcasts. Furthermore, it will help you increase engagement, and you will be able to tell what is more favored by consumers to enhance the recommendations.


The provision of storage for their favorites is one way to gain a reputation. As it gives viewers an option to watch whenever they want. 

  1. Multi-language Support

Get ready to adopt as many as many languages as possible to make the app reach a more diverse spectrum of consumers and enhance user-friendliness. 

  1. Notifications

Give the users the freedom to have this feature or not. As too many notifications might frustrate your users. If they choose to have a notification alert system, it should only send notifications when it is necessary.

  1. Options for Payment

By providing different methods to pay for the subscription, you are providing convenience to your users. You can put multiple options like UPI pay, Card payment, and digital wallets. The use of cryptocurrency is an option, as several countries accept digital currencies for payment.

  1. UI/UX Design

Design influences people in more ways than one can imagine. A smooth user experience makes users spend more time on the app. For example, Netflix has a skip intro button on the top right side which helps users to click on it without a hassle. 

Recommended Tech Stacks

You can implement specific technologies based on the platform on which your app will run.

You will need:

  • A method of encoding data for transmission 
  • Data storage
  • Deployment mechanisms
  • Integrations for numerous functionalities

The Technologies For Different Stages

  • Programming languages: Swift, Kotlin (if you want to make an app for Android or iOS)
  • Streaming protocols: MPEG-DASH/HLS
  • This protocol is a standard method through which streaming (the delivery of data before the device loads it) executes.
  • Content delivery network: Amazon CloudFront/Microsoft Azure/ Limelight networks.
  • CDN refers to the use of a distributed group of servers that allows content to be delivered more quickly via the internet.
  • Hosting and Database: Amazon S3 
  • API server: Node.js
  • Media processing platform (enables content streaming): DaCast/IBM cloud video/Wowza
  • Payments: PayPal and E-Wallets

Keep in mind that these may vary based on different platforms and requirements.

Benefits of Streaming Apps

  • Access to Diverse Content

As worldwide viewers are increasing, customers always want to explore various interesting video content. This way, you don’t have to narrow down the pool of multimedia.

  • Accessible to multiple platforms

The development of streaming apps is not limited to desktops and mobiles. It can be adjustable to any device, which helps in more conversions.

  • Tracking and analytics

You can track and analyze what your viewers love to see, skip or download. This will help you drive up the engagement with better suggestions.

Which Industries can Utilize Streaming Apps

  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Medicine
  • Training and education
  • Sports
  • eCommerce

How to Monetize

There are three main subcategories for OTT platforms, and the monetization model is different in all of them. You can use any of the models or a combination of them that suits your requirements. 

  • Subscription-based Streaming Platform

Users have to pay for using the app and get access to certain features for a particular amount of time, and then they have to keep recharging as long as they want. Typically the rate is monthly, but this period may vary depending on the use case.

  • Transactional-based Streaming Platform

TVoD refers to the process of buying or renting a piece of content. Google Play is a prime example of this. Users only purchase the video content they want to watch. 

  • Advertisement-based Streaming Platform

This option is not favored by users, as it allows the partners to showcase ads on the platform. You can offer a premium version that provides the same services without ads. 

How Development partner helps

A web and mobile app development company can assist you in defining clear objectives, a better tech stack, and determining the budget. A dedicated team will not only complete the whole project on time but also give suggestions for the up-gradation and maintenance of the app.


Now you have a clearer idea of all aspects of the development of a video streaming app and how you can gain recognition and generate a new revenue influx. It is time for you to get a professional idea with an engagement model that fits your needs. Our team assembles the end-to-end solutions just how you have envisioned them.

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