Engagement Model

Every Business is different

We have a business model for all!

Being industry experts, we are aware that every customer and business has different processes and plans to cater to their success. ultroNeous understands the same and offers various Business Engagement Models to suit your requirement. Whether you have a good sizable enterprise project, an idea with a defined scope, or a need to fill the place with missing experts in your team, we have a solution for you.

It is very important to choose the right model to ensure the best progress in your project. Talk to our expert now to identify the one suitable for you.

  • Hire a Team

    Do you want to own a team without the hassle of recruitment, infrastructure investment, heavy running costs, and daily team management issues? If yes, then this model is for you. It’s suitable for young entrepreneurs, CTOs, Product Managers, and other tech savants to hire their offshore team to build a project.

    Your defined team will be devoted to working on your project using agile methodologies and will follow all the guidelines and reporting requirements. This model is the best suited for your dream project idea which requires multiple iterations and market research/ feedback.

    Review the candidate profile
    Meet and interact with candidate
    Sign the contract
  • Project Basis

    When you have a clear mid-size project requirement with a defined set of features, the project-based price model will best meet your needs. With this model, the Business Analyst team will discuss your project in detail, getting the technical team involved as required to make sure the concept has been understood properly. If you are sure about the project flow and not anticipating run time changes, then this business model is for you.

    The project manager will be the point of the contact, who will give you the periodic updates and get the development done by the team. This Engagement model attracts a waterfall methodology with a clear set of processes. Any run-time changes or feature requests might affect the project plan and terms.

    Share your project requirements
    Finalize the scope of work
  • Hire a Resource

    If you are running a team already and missing resources to fill the team, we have this option available for you. With this business model, you will be able to hire one or multiple resources from various technology stacks and as per the expertise to fill in your remote team. This model works best for the people who like to choose their team members directly, and want to take care of their progress and report on a daily basis.

    Review the candidate profile and meet
    Discuss pricing and finalize contract
  • Technology Partner

    As a successful organization, we understand the need of establishing a B2B partnership with an agency. You can not have the required technology experts all the time, and with this business model, you will be getting the resources/ team required on a time-to-time basis. Whether it’s project-based work or a supply of resources in a dedicated manner, you will always be getting the best price as per agreement.

    We take pride in being on time, upfront, and transparent. We respect and value your idea/clients, that is why we sign the legal non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you to make sure your idea and data are completely protected. Being a technology partner, we will be making sure to win each project from your end by being flexible in helping you win clients.

    Discuss your needs or requirements
    Define the resources
    Finalize the project time period