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Introducing True vibe Dating. Our app is designed with the goal to help every individual find meaningful connections, foster genuine relationship and find love with a pinch of fun in it.

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About the Project

With True Vibe, we are dedicated to making your online dating experience not just meaningful, but also incredibly enjoyable.


The challenge

Many dating apps make people feel bad about themselves because they encourage comparing looks and trying to be perfect. This can hurt how people feel about themselves and who they think they can date.

As Gen Z and late millennials grew up using digital stuff a lot, so they're used to things changing fast. Keeping the attention on an app that promotes real connections is a bit tricky.

This inspired us to create something new and different, not just another dating app in the crowded world of online dating. We wanted to come up with an innovative solution to the challenges we saw.


Our Approaches

We aimed to improve online dating for Gen Z and late millennials, so we had conversations with many people to understand them better. Then, we designed profiles where users could share not only their looks but also more about themselves. Additionally, we created a space for users to write and discuss interesting topics, making it about more than just appearances.

From coming up with ideas to adding the final touches and testing, the whole journey was a fun way to learn and get better!

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User Goals And Features


Lazy Dater

A lethargic dater often prefers to ask straightforward questions and can lose interest in conversations easily. To keep them engaged, we focused on adding captivating features that were essential in holding their attention.


Serious Dater

A committed dater utilizes the app to discover potential relationships. Our aim was to facilitate connections with individuals sharing similar intentions and initiate their journey towards compatibility.


Jaded Dater

An disillusioned dater, whether due to prolonged singlehood or skepticism towards the virtual dating realm, prompted the need for features that fostered optimistic encounters and established credibility to inspire engagement among these users.


Unveil Deeper Bonds


What Outsiders thought

Time-consuming. No real connection. No personalization. The ability to connect as one’s true self was missing.


How we changed the story

Trustworthy, Genuine, Bridging the gap between online dating and offline personalities.

Clean, sleek typography

We used a mix of stylish but easy-to-read fonts for the look. By keeping the design simple and neat, we have made the app's messages clear and improved the brand's overall online experience.


A cohesivevisual language online

We harmoniously integrated our dating app's unique brand palette with purposeful accent hues, creating a distinct and unified visual identity across the entire platform.


User Flow




UX UI Design

Creating an inclusive experience for millions of users, each with unique personality traits and aspirations, posed a significant challenge. To boost engagement, we empowered users to customize their own experience, emphasizing personalization. This allowed users to shape their interactions with the platform. Carefully selecting vibrant colors, we aimed to instill a sense of positivity and trust in the app, catering to users from all walks of life.

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Technology stack

In developing our dating app, we harnessed a robust combination of cutting-edge tools and frameworks designed to deliver a seamless and secure user experience. Our frontend leverages responsive web technologies, enabling a consistent user experience across devices.

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What Our Client says


"From ideation to execution, the journey of creating the dating app has been a remarkable one. The team's tireless commitment to addressing challenges and incorporating user feedback has led to an app that's changing the landscape of online dating. We're proud to have partnered with them in this journey."

-David Anderson