Developing a Women Safety Mobile App Using Flutter

December 5, 2022

Why Choosing a cross-platform framework like Flutter for women safety apps is must. Read more to find out.


A woman needs to feel safe in her surroundings to avoid unforeseen consequences. In such cases, a woman traveling alone can find a new companion in a smartphone app. The safety levels based on the area, locale, and town are supposed to be visible using map-based software. Many women leave their homes late for work, and if they have an app, they can check on the safety of that specific region. These ideas can be implemented to build a women’s safety app.

Moreover, certain apps sound an alarm whenever there is a threat of any type, and they also have a feature that lets your close friends track you. It is thought that women can learn about gender balance, transportation, people, and traffic, to name a few, using variously rated safety meters. But first, we need to know what a safety app for women can do and what its core features should be. Keep reading to learn more about Women Safety App Development.

A Safety App for Women: What Is It?

Women’s safety apps are, as their name implies, those that improve safety for women. Various women’s safety applications have been created by people who have learned from their or their loved ones’ experiences. When a user is in distress, most apps help them and alert friends or relatives. Additionally, the apps can even easily record the incident so that the molestation can be reported in court. Other apps can navigate the safest route, track options, find crime hotspots, and much more. They can even provide information about nearby medical services. 

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Safety app Features & Capabilities
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Flutter for Women Safety Apps

Why Does An App For Women’s Safety Need To Be Developed?

The development of women’s security apps is beneficial in many ways to inform parents that their children are girls so they can stay in touch in life-or-death crisis that may arise at any time.

Let’s examine some key elements that will enable industry experts to implement their upcoming safety applications for ladies. First, the application is secure and prepared to let parents know where their child is at any given time. Given that the program provides women with round-the-clock support, it will be helpful for parents and other family members to stay in touch with their girl children utilizing GPS monitoring technology.  

The app has an SOS emergency button that, when hit by the women when the field is safe and they need immediate assistance, sends an alert alarm or warning. The program gathers all of the data from a group of family members. It gathers insights from their previous travels and visits to determine the likely location of the girl to be located in an emergency. The app collects all relevant information, and in the event of a trigger or an emergency call from the ladies, it immediately retraces all previous steps to provide the most accurate location.

The app offers ladies more than just a means of safety. It gathers and maintains all sensitive information, including ID, to provide women with the best safety solution and maintain parents’ faith in their children. It also offers protection restoration features.

As of now, we are aware of the app’s purpose and its potential advantages for vulnerable ladies. So let’s move on to the next crucial section, which discusses the qualities required to create a reliable application for women’s safety.

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 Personal Safety App for Women’s Features & Capabilities

  • The user(s) must complete a one-time registration form with their information and the emergency contacts’ information.
  • To use the app, you don’t even have to launch it. Even three phone shakes will cause the software to recognize an emergency on a mobile device.
  • Your precise GPS coordinates will be sent immediately, along with a notification that you may be in an emergency, to your emergency contacts and the local security officials.
  • The police control center and local authorities are simultaneously alerted so that they may take action as soon as possible, which will be absurdly quick because they have access to your constant monitoring location and can keep an eye on your site in real time.
  • The security guard closest to the emergency location will receive the emergency address from the police or authority administrator.
  • Works 24/7

Some Standout Features

  • Wi-Fi and internet data are not needed for the app to function. Users won’t typically be able to turn on their internet connection or wait for a signal in an emergency, which makes the app special.
  • The user can add a local crime or alert to the app for nearby residents to receive the signal and take appropriate action.
  • The app can display alerts on a map with the time, date, and associated images.

The finest development solution that springs to mind when creating an app meant to reach the vast majority of users is developing a cross-platform app. And many app owners and developers must be wondering why we hire Flutter developer above other mobile frameworks like React Native, Angular Js, or Xamarin when selecting the finest cross-platform mobile app frameworks.


I"M SAFE - a women safety app

2. My Safetipin

My Safetipin - a women personal safety app

3. Noonlight

Noonlight - a Safety app

4. Shake2Safety

Shake2Safety - Personal Women Safety App

Why Choose Flutter for Women Safety App?

Multiple Platform Accessibility

This framework’s cross-platform interoperability is the first thing you should check. And to reach a wider audience with an app like this, you should always turn to the framework that ensures your app will operate without a hitch on a different platform.

While Flutter, React, and Xamarin will all work flawlessly on iOS and Android, each has a unique collection of plugins that enables cross-platform use.

However, Google has now given web support to the Flutter mobile apps that use a web view control and can load and display the material dynamically without rewriting the text.

Flutter’s Native-like Design

The USP of Flutter is the native appearance and feel of an app. While the performance is proof that React Native Development is open for everybody to see and explore, the Flutter framework is what we use because it allows us to access the device’s native functions without using any third-party components.

Flutter + Firebase

The brains of Flutter are Firebase. Google’s mobile platform, Firebase, offers a wide range of services, including cloud storage, real-time databases, hosting, and many others. The absolute secret to an app’s success is Firebase.

To put it briefly, Firebase is a set of indispensable tools that can be used in conjunction with automated tools to streamline the mobile app development process and guarantee quick delivery.

Flutter’s IDE Compatibility

When creating a cross-platform application, Flutter offers greater developer comfort and strong support for many IDEs.

Developers typically don’t want to switch to another IDE once they start using one; thus, Flutters seizes the initiative by giving users access to a vast selection of IDEs, including Android Studio, VC Code, IntelliJ, and many more.


Several obligations come with developing an app that guarantees the security and protection of its users. Errors cannot be made in any way. The most crucial decision in these situations is selecting the appropriate development strategy and partner. One must conduct extensive research before deciding why a particular technology or platform fits all the essential features and requirements. In this instance, Flutter has shown to be the finest framework because it not only meets the technical requirements but also excels in many other areas. Our experience utilizing Flutter as our primary technology for developing mobile apps has been outstanding. Get in touch or drop a message at [email protected] with us to give your ideas wings!


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