Why Choose React JS Development For Your Startup?

November 4, 2022

How React is dominating 📈 in Startup and why one should choose React?


The languages used in front-end development are constantly evolving. Front-end weariness has since developed as a result of the overwhelming quantity of technologies that are now accessible and the constantly evolving best practices for them. New, cutting-edge trends and changes must be adapted daily by startups. Business owners must adapt to the effects of emerging technologies to continue growth and development. Over time, JavaScript has significantly changed, with the introduction of new libraries and more capabilities.

Startups now have consistency and a secure environment thanks to React. We help you address all your questions about implementing React startups. This article is to help you better understand what makes ReactJS the most ideal option for your startup in case you have ever been unsure about it.

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What is ReactJS?
Why React for Startup Development?
When to Not Consider React?
When to Use React in Startup?
Companies Using React
Cost of React Development

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS’ initial release by Facebook in 2013 didn’t find immediate success because of some advances that developers had to get used to. The effect of the tools and best practices starting to change virtually monthly was this “fatigue.” However, it did succeed in coming up with some clever solutions to issues that were already there, giving React access to a wide ecosystem of tools suitable for practically any use case. ReactJS and third-party libraries have developed over the previous two to three years, dethroning AngularJS as the most widely used solution.

Why use ReactJS for Startup?

According to Buitlwith.com, more than 100,000 websites and apps are built using React. Due to its strong developer participation and maintenance, React is predicted to be the next major JavaScript library, which is why ideally startups hire ReactJS developers for their product development.


React goes far beyond being a Javascript library. It is a sizable ecosystem of libraries, extra tools, instructions, and content. React provides numerous excellent methods for resolving common issues so that businesses may concentrate on the elements that are unique to their use cases. Additionally, React has a robust online community that helps developers be more productive.


With React, there are some incredibly useful developer tools for practically all major browsers that allow for component-by-component application inspection. You have the option to run performance checks and analyses in addition to the ability to alter a component’s state as you go.


JavaScript is the primary programming language supported by the UI framework React. It concentrates on being the greatest at what it does while delegating other problems to the open-source community. Any developer who is familiar with JavaScript may create code fast in this way.


Abstraction is a crucial component of object-oriented programming that enables programmers to conceal background data. Instead of MVVM, MVC, and MVP, ReactJS offers abstractions that let developers concentrate solely on the life cycle, props, and states of the component.

Reusable Components

A component-based framework for building applications is available in React for programmers. The logic, rendering, and styling of each component may be managed. Reusable component creation is a breeze using React. This makes the creation and upkeep of apps simpler.

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Virtual DOM

For improved performance when using the Virtual DOM, use React. Without it, updating app data or performing many user interactions might cause the user interface to become sluggish. The Virtual DOM addresses this issue by building an in-memory replica of the actual DOM structure that can identify the elements that require updating and execute modifications only on those nodes. This makes it possible to design apps much more quickly.

When You Should Not Use React?

  • For practically every project, you may anticipate a distinct organization, folder, or coding style. This is why establishing a boilerplate and style guide for the entire firm is worthwhile.
  • JSX syntax is more difficult to read than “standard” HTML templates. This is not a pressing issue because most people can adjust and can obtain support from competent code editors. However, things might get tricky if you’re not familiar with JavaScript and you want to style a JSX template.
  • Javascript library React is designed to be a UI library. To handle routing, state management, styling, forms, etc., you must select additional tools. For entry-level developers who must learn new libraries for each project, this can be an issue. Although beneficial for their development, it may limit their capacity to provide value right away.

When Do We Use React for Startup?

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Single Page Application (SPA)

The most popular framework for SPA is React. Its whole front end is downloaded as JavaScript files from the static server and then translated into an HTML structure by a browser. All of the application’s functionality is handled by JavaScript on a single HTML page. Redux, React Router, and Create React App are the three most popular tools for building SPAs. You can utilize Next.js, a more sophisticated framework based on React, to manage server-side rendering.

Native App

A native mobile application has never been easy to make. For iOS and Android, developers must write two different code bases. At first, the problem was resolved by creating a JS application and putting it on a platform web view. However, this was a concern due to speed issues and a lack of access to native capabilities. React Native held the key to the issue. Developers can now write React components in JavaScript and have React Native compile them into native code. Dispute settled!

Static Websites

This kind of website was previously primarily handled by server-rendered HTML, which WordPress dominated. However, as JavaScript technology advanced, technologies like Gatsby.js were built that allowed programmers to write templates as components and fill them with content from either markdown files or headless CMS systems.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A progressive web app offers native functionality to its users, operates both online and offline, and has access to the device’s capabilities. Thanks to React’s strong support for Progressive Web Apps, we can also turn our current React web app into one.

Top Companies that use ReactJS

Companies using Reactjs
Companies using Reactjs


The script is embedded into the app code, and they have a React-built webpage. React Native, an advancement in the React family that displays native Android and iOS components rather than DOM components was used to build their mobile app.


This well-known app uses React JS due to its reliable and secure operation. It uses ReactJS as its main engine to create user interfaces based on Facebook. For a better web experience, React is also utilized in the WhatsApp Web version.


Twitter started using React when they updated their entire website with modern web technology. Their progressive web apps, which offer numerous features like an application, push alerts, and offline support, use React.


ReactJS and the ReactJS family have been utilized by Atlassian in both internal and external projects. Almost all of their single-page apps employ ReactJS. React’s reusable libraries and simplicity of deployment across desktop, web, and mobile platforms have particularly delighted Atlassian developers.

Cost of ReactJS Web Development

It becomes quite difficult for us to explain the expense of developing React JS web applications. The reason for this is that numerous elements influence costs. For example, the cost of developing a web app is determined by the following;

  • What do you hope to accomplish with your website or web app?
  • Who creates your website?
  • The number and complexity of features

The price will vary depending on the web development companies. Take the time to learn about the organization before choosing them; if you believe that the more you pay, the better the quality you will receive. Before making a final decision, research the firm. Go through reviews or directories like Clutch or Goodfirms. You may also contact specialists and obtain advice for your web app development tasks.

How ultroNeous can help you

Everyone is looking for a reasonable solution to their problem. And in this era, everyone wants to find it conveniently. So, your app or web app should focus on value-added content and seamless user experience. Other factors to consider are the navigation system, usability, and the technology used to develop your website. When you are new to the tech world and want to create an app that works well across devices, enhances user engagement, and draws people to use your product and services, ReactJS web app development is the way to go. ultroNeous can assist you in creating a high-quality website that efficiently fulfills your business needs. We are just an email away! Send us an email at [email protected]


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