Why Kotlin is the Future of Android App Development?

July 27, 2023

Kotlin has become Google’s recommended language for Android app development since 2019. While C++ and Java are still extensively used, Kotlin has established itself as a popular programming language in its own right.  According to StackOverflow’s 2021 Developer Survey, Kotlin is the 8th most desired programming language overall and the third most desired language for […]


Kotlin has become Google’s recommended language for Android app development since 2019. While C++ and Java are still extensively used, Kotlin has established itself as a popular programming language in its own right. 

According to StackOverflow’s 2021 Developer Survey, Kotlin is the 8th most desired programming language overall and the third most desired language for Android app development.

Before Kotlin, Java was the primary language for developing Android apps. However, Google began supporting Kotlin in its Android Studio IDE in 2017. As a result, many developers switched to Kotlin instead of Java. 

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Kotlin App Developer?

Hire Dedicated Kotlin App Developer

Kotlin is a free and open-source statically-typed programming language for JavaScript and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) created by JetBrains. Uber, Pinterest, Trello, and Twitter are just a few of the companies that use it. 

Kotlin aims to solve many of the issues that developers have while using older languages such as Java. Java is lengthy, generates numerous errors due to NullPointerExceptions and nullability, and risks memory leaks due to how inner classes are built. 

Kotlin is easier to learn and more powerful than Java. It also has certain unique qualities that set it above improved frameworks like Flutter, such as more excellent performance and scalability.

Hiring a Kotlin developer can provide numerous benefits to your development team and projects. Kotlin is a modern and adaptable programming language that has gained popularity, specifically among Android developers. 

Let’s discuss a few reasons why you should hire a dedicated Kotlin app developer or the Benefits of adopting Kotlin.

The Key Advantages of Using Kotlin

Organizations are adopting Kotlin for their development needs. It is a language that may be used to create Android app codes. 

One of the best decisions a company can make is to switch to Kotlin. So hire Android developers who can adapt Kotlin quickly.

#1 It Is An Open-Source 

JetBrains has officially declared Kotlin to be an open-source project since 2012. As an open-source language, a developer may expect consistent, high-quality development thanks to the Kotlin Slack team’s extensive support.

#2 Increased Code Readability and Simplicity

One of the critical reasons developers choose Kotlin over Java is its simplicity. In comparison, Java appears to be highly repetitive. 

Code is less likely to include errors when it is kept short. It also suggests a much more rapid rate of production.

#3 It is an Advanced Language with Excellent IDE Support

Kotlin was developed in 2011 and got its first formal release in 2016. Before the final release, it went through multiple levels of alpha and beta testing.

It represents that developers utilized Kotlin in multiple projects before its release. It is practical, with features that have been demonstrated in other programming languages and world-class IDE support. 

In the case of Kotlin, the IDE plugin works and gives access to various standard Java capabilities.

#4 More Natural Methods for Developing Android Apps

In comparison to other languages, Kotlin is a simple yet strong language. While Java has serious difficulties, Scala’s programming language is thick and has a long compilation time. 

The Kotlin library required to construct Android apps is somewhat minimal and does not considerably increase the method count.

Key Advantages of Using Kotlin

#5 It is Reliable

Kotlin was created because its parent company, JetBrains, had certain specifications for a programming language that they would use themselves. It also provides practical value to its parent corporation, which uses it for its product range. 

JetBrains has not only invested massive resources into the language’s initial concept, as its history indicates but is also making significant changes for its future success. 

JetBrains’ dedication to the continued development of Kotlin for Android mobile app development is evidenced by features such as Kotlin Android Extensions, libraries such as Anko, continual library size optimizations, and build speeds.

#6 Swift Language For Android App Development

Kotlin is fast because it integrates with Android Studio. Even a beginner can have a Kotlin project up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Android 2.3 requires a plugin to integrate Kotlin, whereas Android 3.0 does not. Like Java, it can be used from the IDE. It can also debug without issue. All of Kotlin’s features complement the many additional capabilities of Java.

#7 Developers Must Avoid Becoming Outdated

Once developers begin using Kotlin, they find that the current language improves the efficiency of their work processes and the creativity of their minds. Java has been around for a long time and has gotten outdated.

Using a current language allows for new ways of thinking, which is essential for developers because it shows in their work. 

It also boosts the developer’s versatility by increasing the ability to comprehend and employ related programming languages. All of these components contribute to the value of a developer’s profile.

#8 It Is Far More Secure Than Java

One of the primary issues with Java is its design, which results in more effort. As a result, additional app development cost and effort were invested in the project.

When working with Java, for example, nulls are the most flawed locations. The Null Pointer Exception is responsible for 90% of the typical mobile app development mistakes encountered by bug management. Nulls do not exist in Kotlin unless stated differently.

#9 It is Easy to Learn

Kotlin, like other Java-compatible languages, is easier to learn. The code is simple enough for someone new to the language to grasp. It also benefits the prevention of mistakes.

It is a language that is similar to what a Java developer is already familiar with. The only complex aspects of Kotlin are those that Java lacks. Kotlin allows developers to be more creative in their problem-solving.

#10 Increases Development Speed

One of the primary advantages of using Kotlin is increased productivity and development speed. The language offers a more expressive syntax, which reduces standard code and allows developers to read and understand their code more efficiently. 

Kotlin also includes safety features, such as null safety, that help in the prevention of null pointer exceptions, which are common causes of errors in Java. 

These capabilities contribute to a reduction in the time and effort necessary for debugging and maintenance, allowing developers to focus on creating new features and delivering higher-quality code in less time. 

Furthermore, the compatibility of Kotlin with Java allows developers to reuse existing Java code and libraries in their Kotlin projects, boosting development speed even further.

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Wrapping It Up 

Leading Kotlin app Development companies in USA have already embraced Kotlin, further solidifying its position as the language of choice for Android app development.

As the community and ecosystem around Kotlin continue to grow, so does the wealth of learning resources, libraries, and tools available to developers. As the technology landscape continues to evolve, it is evident that Kotlin has emerged as a game-changer for mobile app development services

FAQs: Kotlin App Development Services

Is it easy to migrate an existing Java-based Android project to Kotlin?

Yes, Kotlin’s complete interoperability with Java makes migrating a breeze. Developers can progressively integrate Kotlin files into the current Java codebase, and the two languages can coexist without conflict. The Kotlin compiler can even automatically translate Java code to Kotlin, significantly simplifying the process.

Does using Kotlin have any impact on app performance?

Kotlin is designed to have a minimal performance impact on Android apps. In most cases, the performance is on par with Java, and the difference is negligible. Since Kotlin compiles to bytecode, it runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) just like Java, ensuring efficient execution and maintaining high-performance levels.

Can I use Kotlin for other platforms besides Android app development?

Yes, Kotlin is a versatile language that can be used for various platforms. Besides Android, Kotlin can be employed for server-side development, web applications, desktop applications, and even native iOS app development using Kotlin Multiplatform or Kotlin/Native.

What is the importance of testing and quality assurance in Kotlin app development?

The Importance of Testing and Quality Assurance in app development plays a significant role in ensuring the software’s accuracy, stability, and performance. During development, Kotlin, like any other programming language, can introduce faults and problems. In Kotlin development, quality assurance techniques ensure that the app satisfies the defined criteria and follows best practices, resulting in a high-quality user experience.

How does Kotlin improve the reliability and safety of Android apps?

Kotlin’s null safety feature helps prevent null pointer exceptions by distinguishing nullable and non-nullable types at the language level. This significantly reduces crashes caused by null references, making apps more reliable. Additionally, Kotlin’s type system encourages developers to write safer code and catch potential issues during compilation rather than at runtime.


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