Why Voice Search is a Must Have Feature for eCommerce in 2023

July 20, 2022

Voice search usage is increasing, and it’s predicted to increase 4 times by 2022. Here’s how eCommerce businesses can take advantage of this to increase their revenue.


The ever-evolving technologies have brought us convenience. Everything we want is just a tap away, from buying products to availing of all kinds of services. With this constant need to search for anything to everything on Google, we have also evolved our searching habits from typing and image search to now voice search.

As you have realized how much search habituation is ingrained in our lives, let’s give you an idea of the burgeoning voice search technology. According to Think with Google, 27% of the global online population utilizes voice search on mobile. Not only that, we are surrounded by devices and software with powerful capabilities, like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Samsung’s Bixby. 

Does it still sound insignificant to you? Well, then get this: Google also states that 62% of those who regularly use a voice-activated speaker say they are inclined to buy something through the device within the next month. We’ve caught your undivided attention, haven’t we? So let’s get into the whys and the hows of voice search tech and how it benefits the eCommerce Development Company.

Why Voice Search is set to rise in 2023 and Beyond.

In a world full of convenience, keeping a work-life balance is difficult, so you may often be multitasking at any given time. For example, if you want to see the weather, get the latest news, or find out where to buy a new laptop, you need accurate and quick results. People can’t just keep typing on search engines every time they have such queries. And that’s when voice search technology comes and wins over your heart! 

Voice Search Feature for eCommerce in 2022
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The Benefits of Voice Search Technology:

Faster and Easier Searches

You have got to admit that voice searches are more immediate and efficient. Human typing speed is 40 WPM on a standard QWERTY keyboard and becomes even less when using a mobile keyboard. As speaking is more innate than writing, you can search and get results effortlessly while doing your chores.

Use of Longer and more Conversational Keywords

When you are typing, you tend to use small words like “Jordan sneakers”. But when you are using voice search you can easily search for the “what are best deals for Jordan sneakers”. You can get results for the exact query.

Results are swift and Precise.

You get faster and more accurate answers when you ask precisely what you want. Voice searches are designed in a way to deliver relevant results in an easy-to-understand format.

What Precise benefits does it bring to eCommerce Apps and Website

Offers a Personalized Shopping Experience

Voice search has become increasingly popular in eCommerce apps to provide seamless shopping experiences. Increasingly, customers prefer this method. As with just a command, they can purchase anything they want.

Enables Smart Shopping

Voice search technology uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies to provide frictionless interaction. This makes the feature smart enough to recognize behavioral patterns and habits. For example, when you are shopping for weekly or monthly groceries, it can give you a list of similar items and items missing from the cart that you previously purchased.


We mentioned earlier that the average person types between 30 – 40 words per minute, while voice search allows customers to be more specific with more words and possibly in a shorter amount of time. Thus, voice search enables them to communicate quickly and efficiently, and they can shop when on the move while doing other activities. 

Better User Experience

When you give your shopper a chance to look for the product without the concern of spelling mistakes, you are already developing a more pleasant shopping space. This convenience will not only encourage them to use the feature more but will also leave a lasting impression. Make the user journey simple by adding outstanding features and the latest technologies.

How Does Voice Search Operates For eCommerce Stores?

Customers can initiate a voice search by clicking on the microphone icon on their device. Voice search uses Natural Language Processing (NLP)- Which is a combination of computer-based linguistics with a machine and deep learning to analyze your voice and voice patterns.

In Simpler Terms following steps takes place:

  • A digital voice assistant transcribes human speech into text.
  • After analyzing the text, it detects questions/commands.
  • Accesses external data sources such as search engines to find relevant information.
  • Delivers easy-to-digest information and fulfills the user’s intent.

What Can You Do to Optimize the Voice Search?

To increase visibility and maximize the visitors, we develop an SEO strategy to rank higher on search engines. In the same way, you need a voice search optimization strategy to capitalize on the ongoing growth of the voice search feature.

Below are Some tips to start right away:

Keyword Selection and Optimization

Natural and Interactive. Yes, it sounds too simple. But it might take up more research than you think. Keep the content as natural and conversational as possible, since this type of language people use in daily life and prefer while doing voice searches.

Optimize the Speed

Everyone does love faster results. By optimizing the speed, you are giving them a chance to explore all the relevant options with a scroll.

Make the Most out of Semantic Strategy

A semantic search focuses more on topics likely to appear in a voice search than traditional keywords. You must consider a customer’s intent (to buy a laptop), when they may make a voice search, and how phrases relate to each other. 

Do use FAQs

No matter how irrelevant it sounds to put in use, we have got to admit that we all rely on FAQs from time to time. Using pertinent and customer-centric questions assists in resolving lingering queries of your prospects.

In a Nutshell

Voice Search Technology may seem like a new arrival, but it is becoming an indispensable part of people’s lives. It is a chance to make the whole shopping experience more human-centric and streamlined. Voice search technology not only helps in making your business stand out but also in staying ahead of the curve. Get in on it as soon as possible to rank better on search engines and enrich the digital presence.

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