Trending App Ideas for 2023 That Haven’t Been Made Yet

September 21, 2022

With more people using smartphones and tablets daily, there’s no doubt that mobile apps will continue to be an important tool for businesses. In this article, We will discuss top trending app ideas for 2023.


The top mobile app concepts for 2022 are already in use, and they have been seized by corporations, business leaders, and other IT companies.

Even yet, it is not hard to come up with an app idea that is original to the market. You can develop something groundbreaking with thorough analysis and in-depth market understanding.

The next stage after defining your app idea would be to turn it into a lucrative million-dollar app, which can be as demanding. And that is where it is ideal to get help from a web and mobile app development company with experts who can turn your creative app idea into a fully functional reality.

Now that you know what you will need to bring something innovative to the market let us begin browsing the mobile app ideas we have compiled for you after thorough research. And even if some of the app ideas you are about to consider are currently on the market, we think that for them to grow as quickly as possible, tech and experience integration is still necessary.

Now, with that said and done – let’s get your mind buzzing with ideas.

Augmented Reality 

Without a doubt, everyone’s interest in augmented reality was sparked by the game Pokémon Go. Following the game’s release, numerous industries began investigating this technology. There are several instances of successful execution, including products like IKEA Place, Amazon AR View, and many others.

Moreover, we advise adding AR capabilities to established apps that assist users with their regular duties if you want to create something innovative. Since AR games are currently available on the market, it is simple to determine what is making them so successful.

Virtual Reality

With the help of a VR headset, this technology offers a completely new way to explore and experience the digital world at 360 degrees. You can also engage with the virtual environment that VR has built. And since the technology is viewed as a game-changing move towards the future by many tech executives worldwide, utilizing it to develop an app that addresses a particular issue or simply serves to amuse users will undoubtedly be a successful app idea.

Additionally, a virtual world walkthrough is fascinating, will undoubtedly result in multiple discoveries, and will transform intricate theories and extensive study into simple simulations. Also, prominent VR applications include 3D games and 3D films.

Artificial Intelligence

Cross-platform software development has been heavily influenced by artificial intelligence (AI).

According to reports, technology will continue to develop its capacity for consumer engagement and implement AI models efficiently and effectively. Let’s look at some of the most profitable AI developments for 2023 in the fiercely competitive tech sector.

  • Predictive analytics advancement
  • Extensive language models
  • Introduction of more advanced autonomous systems Information security (InfoSec)

To provide customers with a better user experience, businesses are incorporating this technology into their apps.


The technological technique of defending computer systems, networks, servers, applications, and digital devices against hostile intrusions is known as cybersecurity. It covers operational security, application security, network security, and information security.

Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, working remotely has become commonplace. E-commerce website usage has surged as a result of pandemic lockdowns. Collectively, these circumstances have increased the cybercriminals’ ability to compromise computer and network systems. As a result, one of the most sought-after tech expertise is cybersecurity.

Data Science and Big Data

Our everyday electronics are evolving, becoming more complex, and generating enormous amounts of data daily. Organizations collaborate with data scientists to commercialize this data, but they also require business intelligence analysts that can handle big data in a distributed architecture.

Edge Computing

Edge computing has skyrocketed in popularity in the software business thanks to its fantastic data management features and application of cutting-edge technologies. It is anticipated that the market for edge computing will grow by about 28% by 2023.

Do you understand the root of this trend? What leads experts to predict that edge computing will increase so quickly? This is because it is being used to enhance cloud computing, a rapidly developing and widely used technology.

What distinguishes edge computing from cloud computing? When connectivity to a central site is scarce, edge computing is helpful at remote locations. It can also be used to process time-sensitive data; however, cloud computing cannot be employed for this function.

Beacon Technology

Beacons are discreet wireless devices that communicate with neighboring smart devices using low-energy Bluetooth technology. They are among the most recent advancements in proximity marketing and geolocation technology. In simplest terms, they link to smart devices and send data, facilitating and improving location-based search and engagement.

Ideas for Apps That haven’t been made yet

Financial App Ideas

A financial app that can give investment-related options and suggestions. There are plenty of options in this area in recent years. Personal and consumer finance-related issues are typically resolved via financial apps, which also automate the provision of certain banking and finance services.

Given that few business owners have essential finance-related applications in the stores, there is also a sizable market share in the Finance apps segment that can still be exploited. 

Top Examples:

  • Zerodha
  • Acorns

Edtech App Ideas

Learning is now simpler because of the internet.

To raise awareness and educate the general public, a few additional tangents and pathways must be explored.

With the use of instructional videos, exercises, and practice exams, teaching disciplines like science, art, and mathematics may be made much simpler.

However, not everyone enjoys reading or watching dull lectures, that’s why for learning to take place, online learning needs to be engaging and accessible to a variety of students.

You can also build an app for educated and working professionals for upskilling. 

Top Examples:

  • Udacity
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Socratic

Health and Fitness App Ideas

health and fitness app ideas

Everyone now understands the value of at-home workouts because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and an app that facilitates such sessions can be successful.

An app that especially caters to such information cannot be overlooked, from advising exercises to controlling time.

The finest aspect is that anyone can execute the exercises and accomplish their goals without even needing a coach or trainer.

The software may assist you with any exercise you need to complete, including abs, chest, biceps, and weight loss activities. You can also build an app regarding mental health issues.

Top Examples:

  • MyFitnessPal
  • Fooducate
  • Headspace

On the side note, One trending app idea that should not be overlooked is a women’s safety app. With increasing rates of violence and harassment against women, these types of apps can provide a crucial lifeline for women in dangerous situations and help facilitate a quicker response from authorities.

eCommerce App Ideas

The whole point of shopping applications is to make it simple for customers to order, get, or pick up their selected things in real-time.

eCommerce App development is popular since it has altered how consumers purchase goods and services.

Because the eCommerce industry is so large, there are many unique concepts for shopping apps.

Amazing discounts and deals, in-app social interaction, and many more advantages come with using shopping apps. A VR-powered e-commerce app would also be an interesting idea since that technology is revolutionizing online sales and e-commerce.

Top Example:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Etsy

On-Demand App Ideas

We are so habituated to things happening instantly, we all have experienced instant grocery delivery, food delivery, instant cab booking with Uber and even booking tickets for various events and travel purposes. You can build apps on various necessities like on-demand doctor appointment booking apps, food donations, or even booking tutors for a particular hobby.

Entertainment App ideas

Mobile applications offer a variety of entertainment options, from TV and movies to games and social media.

When designed with a specific purpose, a useful feature set, and a fantastic user interface, an entertainment app may captivate the audience for hours.

Entertainment applications are currently used for a variety of services as the business expands.

These activities include playing games online with friends, meeting new people online and chatting with them easily, watching movies, series, and TV shows, reading reviews, and generating amusing content like memes and videos.

Top Examples:

  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Clubhouse

Real-Estate App Ideas

One of the most significant commercial areas in the economy is real estate. The 21st century is going to see a technological turn in an industry that has been around for millennia and is still evolving.

Realtors, brokers, estate owners, renters, and purchasers can easily see properties, check to price, observe market trends, and with the help of VR, they can even get a virtual tour of the home they intend to purchase thanks to the real estate industry’s adoption of applications.

The VR integration would not only assist buyers in making an informed decision but also assist brokers and realtors in selling the property much more quickly than ever before.

Additionally, the target market for this industry is diverse and includes domestic homebuyers, office seekers, realtors, tenants, property owners, real estate investors, etc.

Top Examples:

  • Estate Pie
  • RedFin

Travel Industry-Related App Ideas

travel app ideas

Travel apps are less technology and more companions, and while you’re on the go, they act as your ideal traveling companion, providing you with all the information you need to not only get you where you’re going but also have a great time.

This is a very diverse market, with everything from weather apps to booking applications and more.

A travel app has a sizable market to begin with because so many people are interested in taking holidays, or at the very least, they aim to do it once a year.

Additionally, as more people throughout the world transition to remote employment, the number of digital nomads increases globally, and the market for travel apps have experienced a sharp rise.

Top Examples: 

  • Roadtripper
  • Airbnb

Follow These Steps to Pick an App Idea

  • Determine an issue
  • Find a resolution
  • Consumer research and market analysis
  • Check out the opposition
  • Make some noise
  • Implement the vogue
  • Be Creative
  • Be concise and powerful.

That’s all There Is to it

The list of some of the top mobile app concepts for 2023 is finally here.

Several factors determine the viability and sustainability of an idea as entrepreneurs and app development businesses search for newer and trendier ones to invest in.

This comprises the target market, market segmentation, demand for your product or service, and so forth.

Therefore, be sure to take into account each of these elements when looking for and selecting the greatest mobile app concept to invest in for 2023.

Additionally, pick ultroneous as your ideal app development partner and Get in Touch with us to convert your innovative mobile app idea into a commercial success.


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