What You Need to Know While Hiring Node.js Developers

May 16, 2023

Well…let’s not get into that “what is node.js” intro. (In case you don’t know: It is a widely popular JavaScript backend runtime environment)You are here because you want to hire damn good developers, and that too, as soon as possible. But hold on to your horses; these things should not be done so quickly! Calm […]


Well…let’s not get into that “what is node.js” intro. (In case you don’t know: It is a widely popular JavaScript backend runtime environment)You are here because you want to hire damn good developers, and that too, as soon as possible.

But hold on to your horses; these things should not be done so quickly! Calm down; there are several factors that you need to know before, during, and after you hire node.js developers. Let’s start with “before”; first, let’s get to know what type of node.js developers are available in the market, so you can decide which option will be the best for you.

What Are The Types Of Node.Js Developers?

This is the first thing that you need to choose: engagement type. What type of contract would you like to have with your new hires? You must select a model that meets your technical and financial needs, depending on your company’s requirements and project duration. The following section will quickly guide you through the available options to Hire Node.js developers.

Hire For In-House Team

When you want to expand your in-house team or are looking for a developer for a long-term project, hiring an in-house node.js programmer is an excellent option. If you opt for this option, you must hire someone with in-depth knowledge of compatible tech stacks.

Also, keep in mind that you draw long-term financial commitment for the company. It includes the developer’s salary and mandatory benefits offered in a particular region. This model may be the best for organizations looking to expand or venture into new markets, as full-time Node.js programmers allow organizations to work on long-term strategies.

Hire A Freelancer

You don’t have to hire an in-house expert when handling a small project, as it can be cost-consuming. Short-term projects benefit most from working with freelancers. Project requirements often require technical reinforcements for small or growing organizations.

A predictable timeline can be followed for project requirements like product updates, new feature integrations, or platform migrations. Part-timers and freelancers are good choices in such situations. Hiring a freelance Node.js developer will give you access to their skills and knowledge at a reasonable price.

Outsource To A Node.Js Development Company

A proven team can also be hired to work on your Node.js project. Large enterprises and growing organizations often choose to outsource. Suppose you are a company or institution considering bringing its services/business online for the first time.

In that case, hiring a specialized service provider can offer several advantages over hiring a dedicated Node.js developer or freelancer. A lot of time is thus provided for significant stakeholders to evaluate the return on investment and efficiency of the digital solutions that have been deployed.

Finding suitable service providers depends on your organization’s financial status and goals. The process of outsourcing enables a company to hire entire teams with specialized expertise and indispensable niche specialists.

Who Is The Right Candidate For You: Responsibilities Of A Node.Js Developer

First, let’s explore what duties and responsibilities a Node.js developer has when working on a Node.js app development project to determine the most appropriate skill set.

  • Server-side logic development and database maintenance.
  • Make sure the front end is responsive to requests.
  • Data exchange between the servers and users should be made more accessible.
  • Data protection and app security should be prioritized.
  • Ensure that database queries are answered and that front-end transactions are recorded.

What You Must Know Before Hiring Node.Js Developers

Now let’s get to the things that you should know “during” and “after” hiring the best developers.

A Flexible Learning Curve

This one is essential. When you are narrowing down your search you must look for those node.js developers who have a thorough knowledge of fundamentals and are flexible enough to expand their horizons. Those with a good understanding of server-side Javascript fundamentals can easily learn Node.js. Hiring developers with experience with Node.js and who have worked with coding and testing is recommended.

The most important thing is to find developers with practical experience in coding and testing Node.js applications since that’s all that matters. Ask them to display a collection of their Node.js work, including client work, open-source contributions, or sample projects.

Expertise In Node.Js

There is no doubt that a solid understanding of Node.js programming and API development is essential. Make sure you evaluate how deep a candidate’s knowledge is. The candidates should be familiar with all Node.js versions and features. Whether they are qualified for Node.js can be assessed easier by preparing questions related to it.

Database management

This is one of the most preferred skills when hiring Node.js developers. Consider the SQL knowledge of candidates and whether they can manage multiple databases and merge them.

A Good Understanding Of The Front-End

An understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 technologies is desirable and potentially valuable during the collaboration process. To improve the user experience of the app interface, Node.js developers should also examine the front-end part of the code.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Security is becoming increasingly important as malware and data breaches increase. Understanding how to provide secure authentication and use encryption wisely is vital for your hired node.js developers.

What Cloud Platforms Are They Familiar With?

There are multiple benefits to deploying web applications on the Cloud, so we seek talent with experience working with the top cloud platforms.

Node.js applications commonly run on these cloud platforms –

  1. The deployment of your application couldn’t be more straightforward with Elastic Beanstalk for deploying and managing scale and Lambda for serverless hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  2. Cloud platforms are going to be dominated by Microsoft Azure shortly. It offers one of the most efficient services available today in terms of building, deploying, and scaling applications.
  3. For running Node.js applications in containers, Google Cloud offers low latency networks, its PaaS service ‘App Engine,’ and its Kubernetes Engine.
  4. The Heroku platform offers free Node.js hosting, seamless integration with 3rd parties, and detailed documentation to make it easier for beginners to get started.
  5. As a developer-friendly cloud platform, Netlify delivers a drag-and-drop feature for faster deployments and lets developers import components straight from Git repositories.

Have They Worked With Alternative Package Managers?

Node.js uses open-source, well-tested packages that reduce code rewrites and encourage faster development. Node.js developers use different package managers to manage these packages. Make sure the candidate you hire has a good understanding of npm—the default package manager for node.js. Ask them about the alternatives to npm to get better answers.

Yarn is one of the most popular alternative package managers for node.js apps. Yarn installs a package much faster than npm by using local cache memory. It also installs packages parallel and queues network requests to optimize the entire network. Pnpm is another popular alternative package manager.

Developers praise it for solving the problem of NPM doppelgangers. Pnpm installs all the needed packages on disk with a hard link to the node module directory. This saves disk space significantly.

Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers: FAQ

How complicated is the process of hiring node.js developers?

Finding experienced and knowledgeable Node.js developers can be tricky, especially when competing against thousands of other companies. It can be easier to find junior developers depending on their seniority, but if you’re looking for a senior engineer, you’ll have to fight for them. If you’re looking for an experienced Node.js developer, you’ll need to research them on different local and international platforms. But it would be like a piece of cake if you have already found a reliable technology partner.

How to Hire the Best Node.js Developers?

If you haven’t hired a professional developer before, here are some things to remember:

1. Make sure you have a list of everything you need to know and have all the necessary qualifications.
2. Focus on soft and hard skills, as their time management skills and ability to be collaborative and devoted team members will make a big difference.
3. Prepare a technical task, as it will determine the success of your project.
4. Get Professional Help from a Software Development Partner.

Software development partners have great experience finding candidates with the proper knowledge and skills. You’ll get the professionals you need and save time and energy that can be put into your business development strategies.


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