Why is Mobile Gaming App Such A Valuable And Popular Business?

September 12, 2022

In the last few years, we saw increased performance in mobiles and it resulted in more graphic intense and more engaging mobile games. Read more.


One of the most significant advances in entertainment in recent years has been mobile gaming. What was once a minor component of the gaming ecosystem has grown to become an estimated $86 billion worldwide sector in its own right.

Mobile games, which are designed for devices such as smartphones and tablets, are often downloaded via app stores and provide an alternative to the traditional console-gaming experience. Their appeal to casual gamers derives from their combination of playability, portability, and low cost (either free or relatively cheap to buy). It is believed that one-third of the world’s population presently plays mobile games. With the global deployment of 5G and the continual development of mobile devices, this figure is expected to rise.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why mobile gaming is becoming so popular and has the potential to develop much more

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Smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful

mobile phones are becoming faster, showing speed in light form

A smartphone is already a very powerful device. Nonetheless, smartphone makers exceed themselves yearly by releasing their most sophisticated, top-tier flagship models with faster CPUs.

As the industry matures, game creators will be able to create games with improved graphics and controls. And, soon, less expensive phones will be able to utilize the power that is currently only available to luxury models.

Not to mention how popular gaming phones have become. Playing a top-tier mobile game does not necessitate a gaming phone, even though regular phones have significant limitations. Some gamers, particularly competitive gamers, value features such as a headphone jack, an integrated cooling system, shoulder triggers, and a specific gaming mode.

Mobile gamers outnumber console gamers in terms of potential

pokemon go mobile game on device


Play station console controller

If a mobile game becomes successful, it may become more profitable than an equivalent console game. Why? While almost everyone in the world owns a smartphone, gaming consoles such as the PlayStation or Xbox must be acquired separately to participate, making them more expensive straight away.

If more people play your mobile game, you may earn more money from player purchases and in-game advertising. However, investing in anything carries a high risk and significant gain. For every successful mobile game, there are hundreds of failed ones.

Microtransactions Allow for Recurring Income

mobile gaming app microtransaction using card

People frequently dismiss paid mobile games at first glance; this is one of the primary reasons mobile gaming apps fail. Because more than 90% of all applications are free, it’s natural for users to expect mobile games to be free as well. However, many creators are instantly turned off by not receiving an upfront payment for their game.

Developers that wish to build a mobile game are required to use the freemium model, which entails forcing players to buy in-game things such as clothes or weapons through microtransactions. And, while microtransactions have a negative reputation in the gaming world, they let developers earn regular cash, providing much-needed stability.

Mobile Gaming Advances with 5G

smartphone showing 5g network

5G is not yet the worldwide mobile network standard. And, while adoption is slower than expected, 5G has a lot to offer, particularly to the mobile gaming sector. 5G will help mobile games compete with console games by providing faster download rates, lower latency, quicker loading times, and cloud gaming.

According to Ericsson, at peak speed, 5G is 20 times quicker than 4G and can reduce latency to only five milliseconds! This essentially implies that there will be no lag and that the gameplay will be buttery smooth, even when cloud gaming. In multiplayer, the game will be able to accommodate more people on the same server without encountering any bandwidth concerns.

Improvement of AR and VR

Guy playing vr game on mobile device

Aside from the multiplayer experience, 5G will improve and facilitate the integration of augmented reality and virtual reality in mobile games. There are VR applications available on the Play Store right now, but they aren’t a realistic reflection of what the technology is capable of. This is because the power necessary to adequately utilize VR and AR is something that 4G lacks.

All of this implies that there is presently a strong desire to invest in the sector. As developers seek to boost user engagement outside of the gameplay area, game design and social features will continue to grow. Hi-fidelity visuals, character design, and increasing degrees of art style will begin to create a more appealing bridge between console gaming and mobile, as Genshin Impact did last year.

There is also potential for the genre of massively multiplayer online games, such as World of Warcraft, to evolve to the point where gamers may begin playing on a PC before effortlessly transitioning to mobile to continue. Like console gaming before it, more cross-over with other sectors of the entertainment landscape may be the next important step for mobile. This change, along with our need for content and overexposure to mobile devices, implies that prospects for industry growth will continue to rise at a rapid pace.

In conclusion

The market for mobile gaming is thriving now more than ever and will continue to expand quickly so, it’s your time to invest in mobile games. Click here ✅ to turn your game idea into a gaming app.


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