How to Easily Hire MEAN Stack Developers in 2023

May 22, 2023

Easily? Yes, you read that right! It does not matter if you want to expand your team with full-stack developers or you just want developers for an ambitious project; if you follow some strategic methods, you can hire MEAN stack developers as quickly as you take a walk in a park (It’s a metaphor, Please […]


Easily? Yes, you read that right! It does not matter if you want to expand your team with full-stack developers or you just want developers for an ambitious project; if you follow some strategic methods, you can hire MEAN stack developers as quickly as you take a walk in a park (It’s a metaphor, Please DO NOT take it literally!) In this article, we will discuss what MEAN stack development is and how you can find and hire dedicated engineers and put action in your plans.

What Is MEAN Stack Development

MEAN stack is open-source and consists of four primary technologies-MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. 

This easy-to-use full-stack is for building complex software apps. JavaScript is used throughout web development, from the client to the server side, including the database. It is perfect for developing customized websites and apps.

It uses Angular.js as a front-end tier, MongoDB as a database tier, and Express.js and Node.js as a server tier. You can use Angular to create elegant and functional front-end JavaScript apps, complete with form validation, localization, and back-end communication.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Hire a MEAN Stack Developer

As you know now, MEAN stack development is significantly beneficial. Hiring a qualified and dedicated MEAN stack developer is like ending all your headaches. They take care of all your front-end and back-end needs.

1) Cost savings

You can get rid of the unnecessary cost of tools, systems, and devices that comes with hiring multiple front-end and back-end developers.

2) Assurance of Best Security Practices

Ensure your crucial data is protected against cyberattacks by hiring MEAN stack developers who follow the most advanced security techniques and acclaimed protocols.

3) Ease of Deployment

The easy deployment of mobile and web apps with MEAN stack developers is another significant benefit.

4) Code Is Isomorphic

To enable rapid loading, MEAN stack developers write isomorphic code for your server and browser to make your application respond quickly to user requests.

Responsibilities of MEAN Stack Developers

  • Creating effective apps in partnership with designers and the IT team to achieve business goals.
  • Quickly develop, test, and deploy scalable web apps.
  • Designing application features with a mobile-responsive approach.
  • Create and use development tools as required.
  • Maintenance of the cloud-based infrastructure and servers.
  • Tests of the application, bug patches, and data security and protection features.
  • Cloud app deployment and problem-solving debugging.
  • Make choices for the code’s design to enable scaling and efficient operation.

Follow These Easy Steps To Hire A MEAN Stack Developer

1) Define The Project’s Requirements

List down everything about your project’s goals and key success metrics. It will help you have a clear idea of what kind of qualities you are looking for. When searching for a qualified developer, it is necessary to narrow your search.

With MEAN stack web development, for instance, you can accelerate project delivery, facilitate MVP creation, and manage both the client and the server.

2) Choose a Hiring Model

First, let us introduce options for you. Based on your project’s requirements, you can choose either of these three options: Freelance, In-house, or outsourcing.

But everything has a catch. For instance, if you hire a freelancer, although it seems a cost-effective option, there may be a chance of a lack of security standards and in-depth expertise.

On the other hand, if you hire a developer for your in-house team, there can be time and money-consuming training and resources that goes on for god knows how long. And when you outsource it to a company, well… you put yourself in a pretty good position.

They provide expert MEAN stack developers, take care of every safety protocol, and rigorously follow industry-proven tools and techniques throughout development. It might not be an affordable option if you are dealing with a tiny budget.

3) Assess Their Technical Skills

Their skills should include those of a MEAN stack developer, such as:

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. Version control systems and DevOps
  3. JavaScript Fundamentals
  4. MongoDB- to shard, replicate, and ingest your data.
  5. Testing knowledge, Bootstrap Grid System, Typescript, Dependency injection, SPAs, and Pipes with AngularJS.
  6. The NodeJS and Express frameworks. Npm, REST, CRUD, Gulp, Grunt,, and Node.js multiprocessing.

Also, they must be up-to-date with different technology trends to stay in pace with clients’ expectations.

4) Check their Portfolio

If you don’t ask, you will never know. Yes, you need to know your developer has the right experience. Ask them to showcase what kind of projects they have previously worked on and how they contributed to that particular project so that you can gauge their technical expertise.

And a tip is not to be blind by their diverse portfolio; instead, look for project samples that are similar to your needs.

5) Evaluate Soft Skills

You don’t want a robot working for you. You need enthusiastic and collaborative people. Interpersonal skills are essential for teamwork. There are a variety of projects that will be assigned to developers who work on MEAN stack projects.

They must be familiar with business needs. Also, they should be readily available to provide technical guidance whenever needed, along with communicating project details and progress to stakeholders.

6) Conduct the Interview

Now you can begin with the list of questionnaire preparation. To check their in-depth knowledge of the MEAN stack, narrow down questions and practical tasks according to what level of developer you will interview (junior, middle, or senior). A few standard questions you can ask:

  • Can you explain the difference between MongoDB and SQL?
  • Is there a difference between interfaces and classes?
  • How do you define “callback”?
  • How jQuery, AJAX, and Node.js differ from each other.

7) Finalize & Recruit

Based on their performance, you finalize and hire mean stack programmers to drive your business growth. Make sure they are exceptionally skilled and educated in all technical facets of the development process to avoid commercial risks.

How ultroNeous Can Be Your One-roof-solution

Whether you want a specific expert or a whole team of highly talented and dedicated experts, we as an custom software development company have various flexible engagement models according to your requirement.

Our whole team is rich with quality experiences with diverse industry domains and has a zest to develop a strategic approach tailored to your project. We offer various services, from design and development to project management and quality assurance.

Contact us and get a quote right away, and if you still need to resolve some queries, you can get in touch with our growth strategists and map out your way to success!

Hire MEAN Stack Developers: FAQs

How much does it cost to hire a MEAN stack developer?

If you have found a reliable mean stack development company then the cost won’t be too much troubling for you. According to your requirements, complexity, and developers’ expertise.

Is MEAN Stack Still Popular?

Yes, it is. Many advantages make this stack a popular choice. Apps powered by the MEAN stack are scalable and extensible. The stack is based on JavaScript. Also, interestingly, it is used to build the top 1 million websites, including Accenture, Fiverr, Uniqlo, etc.

Is it better to hire a full-stack developer?

It absolutely is. In response to changing project demands, an experienced full-stack developer can switch roles rapidly between front-end and back-end development. Despite any complexity or issue, they can solve it on their own. Their experience helps them to understand the scenarios and potential outcomes. In this manner, they can find solutions without interfering with other people’s work.

How do I hire a full-stack developer for my project?

Follow the steps that we have jotted down for you. You can use job portals, different forums, directories, and full-stack development companies to find and hire the best talent.

Can you tell me how long it takes to finish a MEAN stack project?

Each project has different sizes, types, customizations, integrations, features, and functionalities, so there is no set time for each. Rest assured, due to its robust structure; the MEAN stack reduces the time it takes to develop web apps.


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