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May 5, 2023

Google released Flutter in 2018, and since then, this open-source software development kit has gained popularity among developers with its numerous features. According to Statista, Flutter has become global developers’ most popular cross-platform development technology; 42% of software developers used it in 2021. As the tech industry constantly evolves, startup founders and established enterprises are […]


Google released Flutter in 2018, and since then, this open-source software development kit has gained popularity among developers with its numerous features. According to Statista, Flutter has become global developers’ most popular cross-platform development technology; 42% of software developers used it in 2021. As the tech industry constantly evolves, startup founders and established enterprises are looking to develop digital products in less time and faster time to market. When you want to hire Flutter developers and leverage all those benefits then let’s start with what Flutter brings to your table.

Why You Need To Use Flutter For Faster App Development

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Single Codebase

In native app development, Developers need to have a thorough knowledge of various native programming languages like Swift, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, and know-around of app stores. But Flutter is not like that. Developers have to know the workings of only one language: Dart. It has gained momentum with its solid features of object-oriented programming languages.

Hot Reload

Running apps is one of the most time-consuming parts of developing them. In iOS, for instance, saving, compiling, and viewing the code takes 10 to 30 seconds. But Flutter is different. Thanks to the hot reload feature, developers can update the code, hit the save button, and implement and see changes seamlessly. It allows them to customize the app’s color, buttons, and other UI design changes. Flutter also makes it easy to debug, update, and maintain codes.

High Performance

Apps built using Flutter provide the look and feel of native apps. This SDK comes with widgets similar to those found in iOS and Android apps. Since Dart compiles to native code (as Flutter does), it does not require OEM widgets. As its engine communicates directly with native modules, its performance is fast and stable.

Reduced Time To Market

It is possible to develop iOS and Android apps with Flutter in less time than with native development. Creating a user interface (UI) with Flutter is easy and flexible, making it a highly efficient and cost-effective platform for developing apps. By leveraging a single codebase, product releases can be made faster and time to market reduced.

Source Code Accessibility

Flutter development provides a great deal of flexibility in customization. You can view the original code written by the team by clicking on the code. The widgets’ workings will also be clearer to you. Compared to proprietary iOS code, the Flutter toolkit allows you to customize a design or template. You can modify the button’s shape, color, and dimensions by editing its code.

Adaptable Layouts

With Flutter’s flexible layout system, you can create an impressive user interface. It is common for developers to encounter a challenge when creating apps:

How to design a layout suitable for various screen sizes? It utilizes widgets such as rows, columns, stacks, and centers to make Flutter’s layout compatible across devices. Stacking elements horizontally, vertically, and on top of one another is accomplished through this step. Padding, center alignment, and margins can also be adjusted using it. Hire Flutter App Developers who know their way around these benefits and boost your app development process.

What To Consider When Hiring Flutter Developers

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If you’re looking to hire a Flutter app developer, it’s important to understand their responsibilities. Flutter developers are responsible for creating apps that work seamlessly across multiple devices. 

Here’s a breakdown of the different platforms they work with:

Creating Desktop Apps

Flutter app developers work not only on mobile apps but also on creating desktop apps. The added advantage is that it allows your startup to extend its reach and cater to desktop users.

Embedded Systems

Flutter provides the ability to integrate developers’ work with components written in other languages, providing a clean interface and portable code. This opens up opportunities for your startup to work on projects that require embedded software development services.

Stay Updated With Technology

Keeping up with the latest trends in technology and innovation is vital in today’s fast-paced world. Despite being relatively new to the scene, Flutter has already captured developers’ attention globally.

Many standalone Flutter development services are available for companies that don’t want to hire in-house Flutter engineers. At Waverley, we have been working with Flutter for several years. Our engineers are passionate advocates of this tool, always staying up-to-date with the latest developments and trends.


When it comes to developing apps, security cannot be ignored. Flutter developers are responsible for implementing robust security measures, minimizing dependencies, and ensuring proper data encryption techniques are used.

The Code Has To Be Maintainable And Needs To Run Smoothly

As a Flutter app development company, we know how important it is to maintain the highest quality and performance. Our rigorous quality management system includes peer code reviews, comprehensive unit testing, and test automation. We minimize technical debt, provide regular training and project health checks, and more.

To create clear, maintainable code for Flutter, we recommend following a few tips, such as refactoring the code into widgets, using state management, and following a well-defined architecture. Following the Dart Style guide is essential to create effective code. With these practices in place, you can ensure that your apps work great and stand the test of time.

Remote vs. Freelance: Which Flutter Developer Should I Opt For?

Differentiating between remote developers and freelancers can be confusing, and many people are unsure whether independent contractors can be considered remote developers. However, there are significant differences between hiring freelancers and remote programmers from different companies.

Companies must understand the difference between freelancers and remote workers to virtualize their work procedures. A remote team can boost productivity, efficiency, and work quality, making them ideal for long-term initiatives. On the other hand, freelancers are more suited for short-term and smaller projects.

The right option for your project depends on the pros and cons of both hiring methods, whether it’s remote developers or freelancers. For startups, embracing remote work as a long-term strategy can help maintain competitiveness in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With remote employment, businesses can expand their team easily and affordably while attracting top talent. In both cases, companies should prioritize easy and efficient communication and provide KPIs to gauge the quality of work.

Hire Flutter Developers: FAQs

Are Flutter apps scalable? 

Flutter has gained a lot of trust as a framework for creating scalable apps, despite initially being one of the most expensive frameworks for mobile app development.

Is it better to hire in-house Flutter app developers? 

Since Flutter is a cross-platform SDK, there may be better options than hiring an in-house app developer who is well-versed in Flutter. It’s better to hire a team of developers specializing in Flutter, as this will ultimately be less stressful and more beneficial in the long run.

What are the best ways to hire Flutter app developers? 

There are several options for hiring Flutter app developers. Companies can outsource to firms in offshore or nearshore locations, hire freelancers hourly or on a project basis, or build an internal development team. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks, and carefully consider which option is best for your company.


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