Why Top Automotive Brands Prefer Flutter for Automotive App Development?

December 2, 2022

Flutter is an open-source mobile framework developed by Google. It is used by top automotive brands like BMW, Toyota, etc. to develop their apps. In this article, we will discuss why top automotive brands prefer Flutter development.✔


After experiencing turmoil during the global pandemic, the automotive sector is slated to embark on a path of progress and expansion in 2022. Naturally, technology is now in charge of this path. The automobile sector is entirely dominated by technology, whether we’re talking about electric vehicles, automobile apps, in-car apps, enhanced auto functions, or the rapidly digitizing automotive distribution networks.

In our capacity as growth and technology partners, we understand the significance of choosing the appropriate partners, and solutions when digitizing your automotive business.

And today, we’ll talk primarily about the commercial opportunities an automobile app may provide and everything you need to know before having one created.

The Automotive Industry’s Present and Future

Want to order a taxi?

Want assistance with vehicle tracking?

Access entertainment and information while driving?

Are you searching for contacts for suppliers of automobile parts?

Are you looking to renew your vehicle insurance?

Want to schedule a car service?

Are you concerned about the safety of your car dealership or showroom?

Any task you wish to complete can be accomplished using an app. And it should be your hint also to have an automotive app created for your company.

Flutter is undoubtedly a comprehensive framework that produces fantastic, scalable apps. But why are these prestigious companies, like BMW, so confident in depending solely on Flutter?

So, there may be some possible justifications for this optimism about the framework.

So, Why Choose Flutter for Automotive App Development

Accelerated Launch Becomes Possible

Automotive sectors are more effective at marketing the finished product, in this case, a particular business app. And thanks to the characteristics and functions of Flutter, they can do it in less time than expected. Automobile sectors are interested in Flutter for their apps because mobile developers require only half man-hours to develop the app.

Due to its effectiveness in enabling a single codebase for multiple platforms, time-to-market is extremely short. As a result, marketing the app will take less time and effort. In addition, Flutter provides a declarative API for UI development, which improves overall efficiency.

Native-Like Experience Is Attainable

For an app to function successfully, a pleasant user experience is essential. The performance of a Flutter app is almost always identical to that of a native app. Even better may be possible with some challenging UI animations. There is no intermediary code representation used by Flutter. Plus, because the Flutter app is fully incorporated into machine code, flaws and the interpretation process are removed, improving performance. When compared to other development frameworks, the release of the program will eventually be far ahead of schedule.

Identical UI Across All Platforms

A cross-platform framework allows access to a single codebase among the development platforms. Flutter not only does that but also goes the extra mile and allows you to access both the business logic and the user interface. To render the UI, Flutter doesn’t need any particular UI components. It only requires a blank canvas to sketch on.

This framework stands out from the competitors due to the manner it renders. UI consistency across numerous platforms is maintained, so you don’t need to be concerned about it. In Flutter, combining business logic and UI saves the developer time, energy, and health without compromising the quality of the result.

Own Rendering Engine 

On other platforms, developers might face some limitations, while Flutter enables developers to do considerably more with apps. With its rendering engine, it is a solid platform. Flutter renders itself using Skia on a canvas that the platform provides. Thanks to its engine, Flutter’s built-in UI may be released on any platform with no issues.

Developers can streamline the complete development procedure and release the finished product to the market more quickly and effectively by relying on their reliable engine.

Get Highly Customizable UI with Ready-To-Use Widgets

It is not essential to spend a lot of effort on UI design because Flutter already comes with a selection of ready-to-use widgets; it may be used immediately. With Flutter widgets, UI/UX designers can specify these UI styling elements, such as fonts, menus, forms, colors, and buttons. By combining these widgets, designers can improvise these outcomes and produce sophisticated pieces. These readily available widgets enable Flutter developers to create a sleek user experience. The cherry on top is combining widgets with your imagination to provide a customized experience. This is what distinguishes Flutter’s ability to offer a unique customer experience.

Why Toyota and BMW Prefer Flutter

  1. Toyota 
Why Toyota Prefer Flutter

Toyota thoughtfully considered every aspect of the driving experience, including the dashboard of the infotainment system. Considering Toyota customers consistently demand the same level of performance from their infotainment systems as they do from their driving experience, the on-screen experience had to match Toyota’s appearance and comfort.

Toyota’s Chief Engineer, Daniel Hall, explains why they use Flutter.

  • Enhanced performance
  • All multi-platform tools are available.
  • Outstanding client experience as a result of the rapid iteration cycle

Because of Flutter’s powerful rendering engine and AOT compilation capabilities, the team was confident they could create something that felt more like a smartphone app.

  1. My BMW App

The BMW Group has decided to dominate the automotive application industry completely. The company’s My BMW app, produced entirely with Flutter, is their first showcase item. After its debut, the app rapidly became popular among clients. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and functions properly on both iOS and Android. The speech service, which is available for BMW vehicles with Operating System 5.0 and 6.0, and the integration of Amazon Alexa into models with BMW Operating System 7.0 are two fantastic features of the BMW app. Users of the My BMW app can benefit from expanded features and global accessibility.

FAQs about Flutter App Development

Why is Flutter better for app development?

Flutter is the ideal option for developing new apps because of its high productivity and low expenses. The Flutter framework is compatible with IDEs like Visual Studio Code, Xcode, and Android Code. Flutter’s seamless performance throughout various interfaces is made possible by its structured and flexible GPU-executing UI.

Why choose Flutter over native technologies?

Because it enables them to use a single codebase for multiple platforms, Flutter is preferred by developers over native iOS or Android.

What is the future of Flutter?

Flutter development has a promising future. The framework is still in its infancy and has much growth potential: open source, so it is free to use. Also, Google created it, so there will be a ton of support.


Flutter is a dependable and trustworthy UI toolkit with a mature SDK ready to carry your automotive business anywhere you need to satisfy your customers’ expectations and desires, from automobiles to web browsers and laptops, desktops to smart home devices and phones. Flutter makes developing great apps for the automobile sector easy by combining engaging, rapid user experiences with an efficient development environment. Contact us for advice on using the Flutter development platform for your upcoming automotive project because nothing else is quite like it. 👍


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