How Custom Beauty Apps are Transforming the Industry: A Guide to Increased Customer Engagement and Revenue

January 16, 2023

Unlock the potential of e-commerce for your beauty business with a custom app. Learn how pandemic driven lockdowns and shift towards work from home has led to a widespread closure of in-person jobs and a significant spike in unemployment, particularly among young people in the United States. A personalized app can help increase the number of customers and working professionals you serve, boost chances of repeat business and automate most salon processes.


With a glass-half-full outlook after Covid-19 restrictions, online cosmetics buyers have a renewed motivation to purchase new products. During the lockdown, all they had to doll themselves up for were virtual meetings on Zoom. But now, with the ability to step out and about once more, they have real opportunities to put their makeup to good use as soon as their purchases arrive in the mail.

It’s worth noting that this trend toward the flourishing of eCommerce in the beauty and personal care industry hasn’t occurred in a vacuum. The pandemic led to a widespread closure of in-person jobs, resulting in a significant spike in unemployment, particularly among young people in the United States. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The shift towards working from home didn’t completely stall the economy. In fact, according to research by McKinsey, eCommerce penetration in the US jumped from roughly 15% to nearly 35% between 2019 and 2020.

Benefits Of A Custom Beauty App

  • The custom beauty app is like a breath of fresh air for beauty businesses, bringing various benefits to the table. It can act like a shot in the arm for businesses, helping them increase the number of customers and working professionals they serve. It can also boost the chances of repeat business by making it easy for customers to re-order services.
  • The app automates most salon processes, saving time for both salons and customers alike. It allows salon businesses to offer relevant services and enhance customer loyalty while empowering salons to send reminders, push notifications, and add advertisements and promotional content to keep customers engaged.
  • The app acts like a 24/7 virtual receptionist for salons, taking care of customers even when the salon is closed. This can positively impact salons’ reputation and keep customer engagement going via feedback systems and online chats.

In short, a custom personal care app is a game-changer for beauty businesses, helping them streamline processes, increase customer engagement, and boost revenue. It’s a must-have tool for any salon looking to stay ahead of the competition and give their customers the best possible experience.

Types Of Beauty & Personal-care Apps

There are several different types of beauty salon apps that you can develop, each catering to a specific need of the customers. Here are a few examples:

  • A beauty salon app for appointment bookings: This type of app allows customers to book their salon appointments at their convenience, whether it be for hair, makeup, nail, or other beauty services. It’s like a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. E.g., “Salon Booking”
  • A beauty products delivery app: This type of app allows customers to purchase beauty products online and have them delivered straight to their door. It’s like having your own personal beauty store at your fingertips. E.g., “Sephora”
  • A salon services on the doorstep app: An example of this type of app is “GlamSquad,” which allows customers to book hairstyling, makeup, and nail services and have them performed in the comfort of their own home.
  • A wellness app: An example of this type of app is “Soothe,” which allows customers to book massage and wellness services and perform them in their homes. You can have your own spa day without any hassle.
  • A beauty and wellness services app: An example of this type of app is “Zeel,” which allows customers to book both beauty and wellness services such as hairstyling, makeup, massage, and more.

Business Models

An on-demand beauty services app’s business model is a surefire formula for profitability. It’s all about understanding what customers want and providing them with the right ingredients.

Customers are drawn to beauty salon apps like moths to a flame because it allows them to have their treatments at their convenience. They don’t have to rush from their office desks to make it to the salon on time.

There are many different beauty apps available, each with its unique flavor. Once you decide on the type of app you want to develop, you can choose the business model that best suits your needs. Whether it’s a subscription-based model, a pay-per-use model, or a commission-based model, there’s something for everyone.

Independent Model

The independent model is the way to go if you’re a proud beauty salon owner looking to take your business to the next level. With this model, the app serves as a mirror of your own services catalog, complete with pictures and pricing. You’ll be the captain of your own ship, coordinating directly with customers and handling bookings without any middlemen getting in the way.

A Model For Beauty Services Aggregators

In this business model, you team up with independent beauty professionals, hairdressers, and salons and bring them together under one roof. Your app acts as a virtual salon where customers can browse and book services from a network of providers. And in return for connecting customers with these services, you get a commission on every booking made through the app. It’s like being a matchmaker for beauty services!

Features To Consider In A Custom Beauty App Development

When it comes to developing an on-demand beauty services application, you’ll want to include many features and functions to make it a stand-out product. Here are a few must-haves:

A pic showing a beauty saloon for Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

This is the bread and butter of any beauty services app. Customers should be able to easily browse available services, choose a time and date that works for them, and book appointments. It’s like the virtual receptionist for your salon.

few beauty products lying on the floor for Service and Product Catalog

Service and Product Catalog

An extensive catalog of services and products is essential for any beauty app. Customers should be able to browse and purchase products, view pictures and prices, and read reviews from other customers. It’s like having your own personal beauty store at your fingertips.

augmented reality based product for try on

Virtual Try-On

This feature allows customers to virtually try on different beauty products such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and more. It’s like a virtual makeup artist in your pocket.

Push notifications on the iPhone screen

Push Notifications

Keep customers engaged with push notifications for upcoming appointments, new products, and special offers. It’s like a friendly reminder to keep your beauty game on point.

payment gateway

Payment Gateway

Secure and easy payment gateway integration is a must. Customers should be able to make payments using various modes, and the process should be as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


Rating & Feedback System

Collecting customer feedback is vital to improving your services and maintaining a good reputation. It’s like a virtual suggestion box for your salon.

gps based beauty apps services

GPS-based Services

This feature allows customers to find the nearest salon or beautician based on location. It’s like having a personal beauty concierge.

virtual saloon tour for the customer to see

Virtual Salon Tours

This feature allows customers to take virtual tours of your salon and get a feel for the ambiance and services. It’s like taking a sneak peek before the big day.

When it comes to developing an on-demand beauty services app, it’s about providing customers with an accessible and engaging experience. By including these features, you’ll be well on your way to creating a beauty app that’s a cut above the rest.

What Is The Cost Of Developing A Beauty Service App?

When it comes to the cost of developing a beauty services app, it’s important to keep in mind that investing in app development can be a cost-effective way to reap high rewards. You’ll have endless opportunities to make money and grow your business with an app.

However, the app development’s final price will depend on various factors. Including but not limited to: the platform you choose (Android, iOS, or hybrid), the technology stack you opt for, the complexity of the project, the UX/UI design, and more. Additionally, the third-party libraries you choose to integrate will add to the final cost of development. It’s important to discuss these costs with your mobile app development company to get a better idea of the budget for your project.

App Monetization

Monetizing an on-demand beauty app can be tricky, but with the right approach, you can earn a steady income. Here are a few ways to monetize your app:

  1. Commission: One way to earn money from your app is by taking a percentage of the income earned by the beauty experts using your app. This is similar to the model used by brands like GlamSquad.
  2. Sponsorship: Another way to earn money is by partnering with associated brands and promoting them within your app. You can offer sponsorship packages to these brands, giving them top billing or special advertising space within your app in return for payment.
  3. Advertising: A time-tested approach to monetizing. Your app is displaying in-app advertisements and charging advertisers for clicks. This can be a great way to earn revenue from your app if you have a sizable user base.

All in all, there are many ways to monetize an on-demand beauty app, but the most effective approach will depend on the specifics of your business model. It’s important to explore different options and find the best fit for your app and users.

How ultroNeous Can Help You

When building a high-quality and fully functional beauty services app, you’ll need a team of professionals with the right expertise. This may include project managers, mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, quality testers, maintenance executives, and more. Finding the right team can be daunting, but you can rely on us for outstanding app development services. We’ve got a portfolio of work that showcases our expertise, and we’re here to be your one-stop solution for any on-demand app development needs.


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