How Stock Market Firms can Benefit from Web & Mobile Application

June 2, 2022

Stock market apps are at the same spot where Uber was once when it started out. One buys stocks just like they book a ride, on the go!


According to Statista, Over half of Americans have stock market investments. As mobile app technologies make numerous activities simple and quick, various fields are also making strides in this area and reaching global consumers with minimal effort. Checking smartphones for tasks like ordering food, paying a bill, and counting footsteps have become a habit of millions of users. And now stock trading and investing are on the list as well. Investing has become easier than before. And one doesn’t need to be a pro to start a journey in the world of trading.

There are various ways to grow money when it comes to investing. Individuals buy shares of companies and make mutual fund investments, invest in cryptocurrencies, etc. In traditional trading, people used to call stock exchanges, and then they put them on hold while connecting them to stockbrokers. The brokers will charge for making them invest their money. Now, all that has been behind us. Online trading has taken place rightfully.

Do not fret. It is still not too late. Stock market firms can also use mobile app development to gain investors and mark their standards of success. Wondering how? Well then, let’s go straight to what unique features firms can offer brokers and investors, so both can benefit from them. 

The following are some standard components you should consider before diving into features: 

  • Sign-in and dashboards for both brokers and users. 
  • A secure transfer of funds

Stock Market App Features that investors are counting on

Chat and Call Facility

Secure chat service is a perk that nobody can ignore. An encrypted service helps Brokers and investors intercommunicate and share the necessary information without worrying about the loss of essential data. Also, a record system can be introduced to allow them to keep track of all the details. 

Reminder/Alert System

Unlike the stock market, the web app/mobile app operates 24/7. It can give you access to information anytime, anywhere. Plus, it gives you a real-time analysis of the market. Hence, an alert system can be set, so users can check their favorable stocks’ updates from time to time. 

Customized push notification system

Based on what investors have invested and what they are interested in, a watchlist can be made so that they can keep track of all their capital, and a push notification feature can be developed so that it can give alerts for SIPs, Mutual Funds, digital gold, etc. Also, whenever a major occurs in a market that might influence the clients’ investments, it sends alerts to both the respective brokers and users. 

Portfolio Management

Some investors look for long-term investments, so they can get better returns, and some are traders who look for short-term investments. They buy and sell preferred stocks hassle-free. Portfolio management is crucial whether the user is an investor or a trader. It helps them keep a check on all the returns while keeping in mind the investment objective, attitude towards risk, and asset sensitivity. With portfolio management, clients can get insightful suggestions, and the experts help them formulate an investment strategy based on their requirements. 

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Stock Market app features that Brokers should be counting on

Market research and prediction tool

A search tool to keep a check on all the clients’ favorite stocks as well as those stocks they might get interested in. So that, it helps to predict the market scenario. This will help analyze which investors like what type of shares and make recommendations accordingly. 


To develop customer relation management, brokers can send messages daily to their investors with the option of buying when a certain percentage of particular shares go down and with the option of selling when a certain percentage of their owned shares go up. This helps investors’ time, and brokers can easily make decisions too. 

Trading functionalities

As the trading function is one of the key factors on any stock market web/mobile app, it has to run smoothly and steadily. Therefore, all relevant information such as company profiles, real-time data, etc., should be provided consistently. 

Monetization model

the stock market firms can create monetization opportunities with mobile/web apps. They can create a module of payment on a month/week basis, as per their requirement. It helps them to keep track of all transactions. 

So these are some of the salient features that benefit investors and brokers. 

Owner needs these stock market app features in check

UI Components

Most merchants use more than one medium to track and handle their investments. Adding a synchronization feature can be striking and helps to have consistent access. The whole UI/UX design should be easy to understand, responsive, and attractive. Private Policy agreements, in-app purchases, terms, and condition features make an app reliant. So keep those in mind too. 

Learning tools

For those who are just beginning their journey with small investments; tutorials, and webinars will help them clear out the confusion and gain more confidence. 


The time of shares, mutual funds, and SIPs being the puzzling terms and “only angel investors and brokers can understand” is gone. The growth in the percentage of people making investments through mobile/web apps is increasing as more millennials and tech-savvy people are getting into it. So if you have an online trading platform idea and are facing obstacles, our team at ultroNeous Technologies will help you out in every way possible. Get ready to approach a mobile and web application development company and put ease into your stock trading application development. 


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