7 Ways How Flutter is Influencing Mobile App Development

May 18, 2022

Created in 2017, Google’s open-source software development kit. It’s a platform for producing apps for different OS from a single codebase. It can create iOS and Android apps.


Mobile and web-based apps are transforming how we communicate, think and perceive things. App technology is reforming every sector that exists in this world. So if you haven’t thought about making an App for your business, now is the high time.
Why? Well, think of any person you have met. Everyone has a smartphone, and that too, with at least a dozen apps.
Businesses are moving toward Mobile apps in today’s world, where demands are increasing daily. So they can give their particular consumer set one of the best experiences.
There are so many technologies to build and achieve whatever you want. You can develop your App using native technologies like swift and java or cross-platform technologies like Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native. You may use either approach depending on what you want to offer and what technologies are best for developing the desired features, and Flutter releases patches and new features regularly.
Let us take you on a journey through cross-platform app development, Flutter, and how it is influencing the mobile app development landscape. Buckle up!

Table of Content

What is a cross-platform app and why it is so preferred?

Flutter, a cross-platform framework

Main benefits of using Flutter

What you get out of it

Popular apps developed using Flutter


What is Cross-platform app development, and why is it necessary?

Businesses don’t want to spend their time on separate development teams for Android and iOS devices. The UX team has to keep coordinating with them and navigating the projects. It is time-consuming and makes it twice as hard to generate the expected revenue.
Cross-platform app technology is compatible with the different mobile operating systems and allows users to make smooth and robust apps. This gives you a chance to connect with more audiences, and the time and effort you spend developing an app drops by half. Popular cross-platform frameworks are Flutter, React Native, Ionic, and Xamarin. Flutter is widely used in many industries including Automobile, and eCommerce, so it is ideal to hire Flutter developer for app development.

What is Flutter?

Google created this open-source software development kit in 2017. It is an SDK that allows for building captivating apps across multiple operating systems from a single codebase. You can use it to develop applications for both iOS and Android.

Benefits of Using Flutter in App Development

1. Single Codebase

Mobile app developers don’t have to write different codes for different platforms. The framework reduces the efforts not only for developers but for users too. The single codebase and write-once approach are why millions of developers favor it.

2. Hot Reload

Flutter’s hot reload feature allows the to build the widget tree that helps the programmer see changes’ effects. When Developers are coding, they can check the progress and changes simultaneously. It helps them to increase productivity and bug fixing. This also helps them to experiment easily and add customizable features.

3. Effortless Maintenance

Easy maintenance is possible with Flutter. Since it has a single Codebase, developers can check errors and issues without going back and forth again and again. It also improves the application’s performance compared to other app development platforms, making maintenance easy. As the maintenance is efficient, clients don’t have to spend too much on changes and modifications.

4. Support From Google

Being an open SDK from Google, there is a huge community to help speed up the development process and problem-solving. Flutter’s, open for everyone community, provides different tutorials for programmers and a meet-up facility to get in touch with other developers around the world.

5. Performance

According to millions of developers, Flutter is the only framework that provides unmatched speed and quality performance compared to other cross-platform development technologies. It also provides best-in-class security as it complies with native codes.

6. Easy Testing

Since Flutter is a single codebase platform, testing for the App, a crucial part of development, becomes easy. Also, Flutter provides tutorials so that developers have plenty of support.

7. Customizable Widgets

The Complete UI of Flutter is about customizable widgets. These provide style, layout, fonts, colors, scrolling, and navigation customization regardless of screen size. As Flutter offers a range of built-in animations, designers can tailor their apps to suit their needs. These animations include motion effects like transition, sliding, etc. It is possible to customize them as well.

How Can You Benefit from Flutter?

  • Development is cost-effective:
    • When you don’t have to use different platforms for different app development, the cost of making your desired App becomes less. You don’t have to separate teams for the same applications.
  • Fast time to market:
    • Flutter is one of the best choices when you need the quick launch of your desired App. It offers the best UI and flawless UX with reliable and faster results.
  • International reach:
    • When you want to reach an international audience, Flutter makes it easy by giving support in 20 Different languages. The SDK Simplifies localization with built-in features, including currencies, dates, units, etc. Now, if you want to increase your reach with Flutter, we are a flutter app development company, and we always want to give the best of the best.
  • Superb user experience:
    • Since using Flutter, You don’t have to rely on platform-specific UI components. It also makes it possible to share the UI and business logic, which ultimately saves time and effort while customization and does not affect the end product’s performance.

The following companies are using Flutter for their Apps

Source: Flutter

Closing Up

To build an app that reaches a broader set of audiences, Flutter is making its mark on Cross-platform mobile development technologies. It is one of the best choices when you want to deliver quality products/services and also need a wide range of solutions to deliver the best.

Flutter is quick, adaptable, and efficient, so businesses can build robust apps based on their requirements and achieve high-quality results. Do you have unique ideas or want to reach your desired audience with minimal effort? Feel free to get in touch with ultroNeous. Contact us now.


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